Paying EB bills online for Chennai & Tamilnadu

EB bill payment Options

It was during the year 2009 that the Tamil Nadu government took a tech savvy step by introducing the online payment facility for EB bills for Chennai consumers.  This positive step was intended to nullify the long wait for consumers in EB bill payment counters in and around Chennai.  The following payment options are in addition to paying at the Teller counter in the EB office:

  • TNEB facilitates consumers to pay their EB bills online through their website ( using Credit Card, Debit Card & Internet Banking facility.
    • ‘News and Events’ in the TNEB online bill payment website provides details about assessment, error corrections, payment due dates and fines for late payment.
    • Guidelines ( provides details on registration process.
    • FAQ ( provides answers to frequently asked questions on registration and payment.
    • The board has further installed Any Time Payment (ATP) machines across select regions within Chennai, facilitating its consumers for direct drop payment of their EB bills through Cash, Cheque or a DD.
      • The ATP machines accept Cash payments.  However, Rupee note denominations of Rs.5 to Rs.1000 are only accepted by these machines.They do not accept coins.
      • Hence, you are required to round off your bill amount to the nearest Rs.5 exceeding the due (for instance, if you have an EB bill amount for Rs.2227, or Rs.2229, you have to pay in cash Rs.2230 as notes.).  All such excess amounts that you pay are adjusted in your next EB bill.
      • In case you pay or round off to the lesser amount, then the machine displays an alert/warning that since you have paid an amount lesser than your bill amount, your power connection would be disconnected and that you would have to pay your balance before the due date.
      • TNEB ATP machines are located at the following places in Chennai:
        • No.129 WallajahRoad,Triplicane, Chennai 600005
        • No.23, MalayappanStreet,Sowcarpet, Chennai 600001
        • No.41, ThanikachalamRoad,T.Nagar, Chennai 600017
        • No.144, Anna Salai, Chennai 600002
        • Refer to the following links for supporting and useful details:

How to get started and pay online:

  1. Consumers can visit the TNEB official website and click on ‘New User’ to register as a new user.
  2. In this webpage, select your Region, enter Consumer Number (w/o region – refer to your white coloured meter card) and click ‘Check Details’.
    1. The first three characters in your service/consumer number is the section code, denoting your locality
    2. You can click on the ‘Select’ button appearing against the ‘Region’ field to select your region.  Your region and the corresponding Region Code is displayed against this field once you have selected your Region.  Your Region Code is also written on your Meter Card or printed in your previous EB bill receipts
    3. Then Enter your service/consumer number
  3. If the Service / Consumer Number you have entered is valid, then your corresponding Consumer Name and Address values also get displayed automatically.
  4. If you have entered a wrong Service / Consumer No while registering as a new User, you will be able to see the following error message:
  5. You will have to enter all other personal details in the rest of the fields and click on the ‘Submit’ button.
  6. Once the validations are complete, an automatic email with your newly created username and password is sent to your mail id.  You will then be ready to login to your user account.

Logging into your user account to pay your EB bill online

  1. Every time you need to pay your EB bill, you can visit the TNEB bill payment site at   You can use your login credentials to enter into your Home page of your secure EB bill payment account.
  2. In this screen, details of your unpaid bills are displayed.  You can select the bill for which you require to pay your due amount.
  3. You can now select the appropriate option under the ‘Payment Options’ section to make your EB bill payment.
  4. If there are no dues, the screen provides an option to pay an advance.

Payment Gateway screen for consumers paying through Credit and Debit cards

A. Credit / Debit Card Payments: TNEB offers 4 Bank’s payment gateways (Bank of Baroda, IDBI Bank, Axis Bank, and ICICI Bank) for you to select from while you are paying your bill online, using your Credit / Debit card. Consumers can use any credit and debit cards that have a Visa or Master Stamping on them belonging to 39 banks listed on the site.

B. Further, TNEB facilitates customers of 3 banks, viz., Indian Bank, Indian Overseas Bank and Canara Bank to pay their bills directly using their Debit Cards.  Service Charges for these Debit Card transactions will vary from Rs.5 to Rs.10.

If you are paying through a Credit or a Debit card, the following set of payment gateway options appear for you to select, under the ‘Payment Mode’ section.

  • You will be now redirected to the corresponding payment gateway screen, where you can enter your credit or debit card details including the payment details.
  • Then select the required bank payment gateway.  Note here that you may select the gateway which has the least fees.
  • After you have entered your payment details check against the ‘I Agree’ check box.
  • Once you have entered these details, your online EB bill payment receipt is generated.  Your online EB bill payment is now complete.

Net Banking screen for consumers who avail Net Banking facility

If you are availing the Net Banking facility (No Charges), you will be redirected to your corresponding Bank’s Net Banking.  TNEB facilitates EB bill payments for its Consumers through its independent Net Banking set up with 14 banks.  Refer to the following picture.

  1. Click on the button next to the Bank in Net Banking section.
  2. You will be directed to your bank’s net banking screen
  3. To login, enter your bank’s net banking User ID and Password.
  4. The net banking process for online payment of EB bills differ from banks to banks.  Please refer to your Bank for the details. Once your payment is completed (success/failure), you will be redirected to the TNEB site with appropriate message.
  5. You can view your corresponding receipt in your TNEB login account website.

Further aspects you would need to note

    1. Multiple Consumer Numbers can also be registered through a single User login credential.  In this case every consumer number would have to be individually selected separately for making payment.
    2. Once the payment is made, you can also print your e-receipt for later references.
    3. You can also modify your profile or the password of your login.
    4. It has to be noted here that a Consumer Number or Username that has been registered once cannot be modified.  However, the same can be deleted and a new registration in turn can be made.

Other TNEB websites which may be useful

TNEB Reading Details –


Bill Payment Guidelines

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