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Just until a few years ago, water and sewerage tax was paid as part of the Property Tax in Chennai city.  However, after the formulation of the Chennai Metropolitan Water supply and Sewerage Board, Water and Sewerage taxes have to be paid separately.  Following are some facts:

  • The Water and Sewerage tax form 30% of the Property Tax.
  • Property Tax rates in Chennai are revised once in every 5 years.  It is levied on properties such as buildings, land and all other immovable property.

The following briefly describes the steps involved in the process:

  1. The first step is the assessment of property tax for your property.
  2. If you are satisfied with the assessment, you can pay the property tax once in every six months.
  3. If you are unsatisfied with the property tax assessment, you may appeal to the Chairman, Taxation Appeal Tribunal.
  4. We will look in detail each of the steps mentioned above regarding property tax.

Property Tax assessment for Chennai residents

The Commissioner of Chennai determines the annual value of any building, based on which the Property Tax is assessed.Property assessments are done based on predetermined rate per square feet (Plinth) of the property’s built-up area and used for calculating its Property Tax.

Method of Assessment

Reference courtesy:

“As per section 100 of Chennai City Municipal Corporation Act 1919, concept of reasonable letting value (R.L.V.) has been adopted for arriving at annual rental value and Half yearly tax for any property in Chennai City limits. The monthly rental value (R.L.V.) is fixed with reference to Basic Rate per Square feet for Residential and Non-Residential properties separately.”

This site provides details such as:

  • How the annual value of any property is calculated?
  • How Annual Value for Land(taken on lease or rent) is calculated?
  • Details of the Council’s resolution about levying property tax on vacant land based on its location.
  • Calculation of Half Yearly Property Tax for any property as percentage of annual rental value. Assessment methods of Special types of buildings like Nursing Homes, Hotels etc.

Online processes for all Property Tax related services

Chennai Corporation’s online website launch for easy access to information as well as services pertaining to Property, Water and Sewerage Taxes has come as a welcome move.  The following website provides links to all online processing related to Property tax:

Online processing related to property tax in this website includes:

  • Property Tax Payment online
  • Acquiring receipt for Property Tax Online Payment
  • Viewing Property Tax payment status
  • Registering your phone number for services related to online Property Tax payments
  • Property Tax Self-Assessment

Property Tax – Current Rules and Procedures

Reference courtesy:

The above website details rules and procedures for (a) Rules and Procedures for Property Tax Assessment, (b) Property Tax Assessment Appeal, (c) Name Transfer in Property Tax Records.  For each category the website specifies aspects such as the place where forms are available, documents to be enclosed and the officers who could be contacted for the same.

Payment of Property tax

Residential property owners as well as commercial complex owners, hotels, hospitals, theatres etc. can now use the Chennai Corporation’s website to check status and make payments against related taxes levied.

  1. A demand notice is issued to every tax payer after the assessment of their corresponding taxes so that they can pay their dues.
  2. You can then adopt a suitable way of paying your Property tax as described under (Refer to the following heading on ,‘Modes of Property Tax Payment in Chennai’)

Modes of Property Tax Payment in Chennai

Currently there are different modes by which you can pay your property tax:

  1. Property taxes can be paid directly at the Chennai Corporation’s Zonal Offices.  The link, Zonal office addresses of Chennai Corporation where property taxes can be paid directly.
  2. Online payment:Online payment of property tax has become a very popular payment mode today.
    1. Use the URL/web address, to access the online Property tax payment web page of the Chennai Corporation.
    2.                         Select your Zone Number and Division code.  Then enter your Bill Number and   Sub No and click on Submit button.
    3. You will be directed to the payment screen for payment of your Property Tax online.
    4. Property tax payments can also be paid through banks.  You can pay your property tax through 13 banks listed officially by the Chennai Corporation: Indian Bank, Canara Bank, Indian Overseas Bank, Punjab National Bank, ICICI, Corporation Bank, HDFC, City Union Bank, KarurVysya Bank, State Bank of India, Andhra Bank, Axis Bank etc.
  • These banks do not charge for their services while you pay your property tax through them.  You can pay using Cheques, Cash or Demand Drafts.

Issues with property tax Assessments and Appeals

  1. If the Assessment of Tax is found to be unsatisfactory, applicants can appeal by paying 50% of the assessment to The Chairman, Taxation Appeal Tribunal.
  2. Still if your case has been rejected by the Tribunal, you can further appeal for your case at the city civil court in Chennai. Refer to the website that specifies the rules and procedures of payment of Property tax (

Payment of Water & Sewerage Tax in Chennai

Online payment of Water & Sewerage tax

Using KIOSKs for Water & Sewerage tax payment


  • Chennai Metro Water has installed KIOSKs in Anna Nagar and Indira Nagar areas for the residents to easily pay water tax.  Water tax payments can be made for any property in Chennai through these KIOSKs.  These KIOSKs function round the clock to aid consumers to pay their water tax bills anytime.
  • Following are the Metro Water office addresses where these KIOSKs are located:
    • Anna Nagar: office-V, No 227, second avenue, 12th main road, Anna Nagar
    • Indira Nagar: office-X, No 42, first Main Road, Indira Nagar
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