How to pay your Tamil Nadu Electricity Board’s (TNEB) electricity bill online

Gone are those days when you had to stand in long queues to pay your electricity bills over the counters. Apart from that, one also has to take almost half a day off from their work to stand in long queues only to find that the server doesn’t work for the day. Thanks to Tamil Nadu government, it has now facilitated the public to pay their electricity bills online through its website,, at their convenience. All you have to do is just follow the following easy steps.

 1. Register your online account with your customer number or service number mentioned in your electricity card. You may also add your other customer numbers or service numbers in case you have more than one later by logging in to your account.

 2. Once the registration is done, you will get an email activation link to activate the account. Open the link and activate your online account. This will complete the registration process.

 3. Go to and login using your credentials.

Apartment Maintenance Software Chennai

4. Choose the consumer number, if you have more than one consumer number.

5. Select the payment mode. For eg., Net banking or Credit Card or Debit Card

Apartment Maintenance Chennai

6. Enter your bank or card details and complete the payment.

7. You will get an e-receipt on successful completion of payment.

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New Features in Residents Inc Mobile App

Install our Mobile App now and stay connected with your community!

We are happy to inform our customers that new features in our Android Mobile App will allow users to use their device camera to take pictures and instantly upload to the portal for sharing with the community.

Users can also update their profile picture or change their contact email or phone number right from the Mobile App.

Users can also now view new notices or invoices posted by the committee on their mobile device with our App installed.

Few screen shots from the new version shown below:

Apartment Management Software India

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Residents Inc Android App!

Residents Inc users can connect with their community from anywhere using Residents Inc App from their Android Smartphones and Tablets.

Key features available in the App include News Feed, Notice Board, Discussion Forum, Dues, Payments and update profile photo.

Residents Inc App is available in Google Playstore.

Residents Inc iPhone App will be released soon.

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Agni FairyLand (125units) in Thundalam, Chennai join Residents Inc

We are happy to announce that Agni FairyLand owners association with 125 units in Thundalam, Chennai have signed-up for Residents Inc. The plan allows them to use the entire unified apartment management platform to manage their communication, facilities and accounting which in turn helps drive operational efficiencies. We wish the Agni team the very best and they can be assured of our best support.

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Levy of service tax on services provided by a Resident Welfare Association (RWA) to its own members

(i) In a residential complex, monthly contribution collected from members is used by the RWA for the purpose of making payments to the third parties, in respect of commonly used services or goods [Example: for providing security service for the residential complex, maintenance or upkeep of common area and common facilities like lift, water sump, health and fitness centre, swimming pool, payment of electricity Bill for the common area and lift, etc.]. Is service tax leviable?

(ii) If the contribution of a member/s of a RWA exceeds five thousand rupees per month, how should the service tax liability be calculated?

Exemption at Sl. No. 28 (c) in notification No. 25/2012-ST is provided specifically with reference to service provided by an unincorporated body or a non–profit entity registered under any law for the time being in force such as RWAs, to its own members.

However, a monetary ceiling has been prescribed for this exemption, calculated in the form of five thousand rupees per month per member contribution to the RWA, for sourcing of goods or services from third person for the common use of its members.

If per month per member contribution of any or some members of a RWA exceeds five thousand rupees, the entire contribution of such members whose per month contribution exceeds five thousand rupees would be ineligible for the exemption under the said notification. Service tax would then be leviable on the aggregate amount of monthly contribution of such members.

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Residents Inc for Builders, Facility managers and Owners associations

Generally builders will have several projects under them and they will have a hard time tracking them all. Same with facility managers, lots of pending works, repairs, requests, complaints, etc. Owners can now manage their apartment from anywhere round the globe.

Resident Inc makes it easy for the builders,  facility managers and owners.

Any of them can manage multiple apartment complexes with a single view dashboard. For example, the maintenance manager sitting in builder’s office can view all work order requests from all the apartment complexes being managed in the city in one page. That’s not it there is plenty more..

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Residents Inc wishing you a very Happy and Prosperous New Year 2014


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